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CSR Initiatives

Mazda CSR

CSR Targets for FY March 2014

Mazda comprehensively reaffirmed its CSR initiatives in accordance with the seven core subjects of the ISO26000 social responsibility guidelines, and set up the CSR targets for FY March 2014. In establishing these targets, each division envisioned the ideals that Mazda aims to achieve in the future, and summarized them into draft CSR targets for FY March 2014, which were decided by the CSR Management Strategy Committee.
Mazda will continue to implement the PDCA (plan-do-check-act) process, so as to carry out CSR management in line with the global standards.

CSR Targets for FY March 2014
core subjects
Items FY March 2013 Targets
6.2 Organizational governance 1 CSR management ①Establish initiative items and targets based on issues identified from ISO26000
②Continue to raise CSR awareness based on results of Employee Engagement surveys
2 Corporate governance Maintain and strengthen corporate governance framework, including newly established companies in emerging markets
3 Stakeholder engagement Continue and strengthen stakeholder engagement
4 Risk management Identify various internal and external risks and continue activities to minimize such risks
Human rights
1 Respect for human rights ①Continue activities to raise awareness of human rights, such as training by level and Human Rights meetings
②Clarify support for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labour Organization (ILO) Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work
2 Achieving of diversity Continue to respect the diversity of employees
①Continue and evolve training and effective use of top management in each region
②Formulate measures to enhance the skills of female employees by supporting reinstatement after child-rearing leave through training etc, so as to make effective use of female employees
③Maintain and improve the percentage of employees with special needs
3 Due diligence Start the survey of human rights initiatives throughout the supply chain
Labour practices
1 Industrial relations Maintain sound labor relations in each of region, based on the legislation, culture, and labor practices in respective countries
2 Work-life balance Improve the quality of initiatives through reviews of various measures and implementation
3 Occupational safety and health Promote activities based on the Safety and Health Management System
①Continue risk assessment
②Continue internal audits
③Maintain the current workplace accident occurrence ratio, which is the lowest level in Japan
4 Human resource development Maintain and improve dissemination of the Mazda Way, based on career meetings and other opportunities
The environment
1 Energy- and global-warming-related issues Refer to the Mazda Green Plan 2020
2 Promoting resource recycling
3 Cleaner emissions
4 Environmental management
Fair operating practices
1 Compliance ①Ensure compliance and improve the level of compliance awareness through continuous awareness-raising activities
②Ensure compliance at Mazda Group companies by continuous support thorough provision of education materials, timely information, etc.
2 Fair transactions ①Ensure full compliance with Mazda Supplier CSR Guidelines and continue follow-up
②Revise the Mazda Supplier CSR Guidelines to correspond to conflict minerals regulations, and start surveys of major purchasers
3 Information management ①Ensure information management through continuous awareness-raising activities
②Promote and strengthen information security measures
4 Protection of intellectual property Promote activities to protect intellectual property
①Strengthen the management system of overall intellectual property
②Continue awareness-raising activities to instill respect for intellectual property law
Consumer issues
1 Quality Products Develop products that embody the following attributes of the Mazda brand, in line with the principles of "Sustainable Zoom-Zoom"
• Driving pleasure as well as outstanding environmental and safety performance
• Jinba-Ittai (oneness between car and driver) driving performance that appeals to all five senses and increases the driving pleasure each time the driver gets behind the wheel
• Insightful, thoroughly thought-out functionality
• An unrivaled design direction full of raw energy, honed by the precision of Japanese aesthetics
• Rock-solid reliability and excellent craftsmanship
Sales and services Sell products and offer services to provide a value realizing a circle of smiles for keeping on growing through a life with Mazda, which makes you feel you always "want to continue choosing" Mazda
2 Safety Products and raising customers' safety awareness ①Expand the introduction of i-ACTIVSENSE, which is a series of advanced safety technologies, developed in line with Mazda Proactive Safety, the Company's safety philosophy
②Obtain high ratings in new car assessment programs (NCAPs) of respective countries
Community involvement and development
1 Corporate citizenship activities Continue to implement programs based on each region's local community contribution policy
2 Contribution to the realization of a sustainable society ①Continue efforts to resolve social issues and proactive disclosure of Mazda's social contribution activities
②Establish an index to evaluate relevant programs
  • Among the seven core subjects of ISO26000, regarding "The environment," Mazda has promoted initiatives to address various environmental issues, in accordance with the Mazda Green Plan 2020 Mid-Term Environmental Plan, which is already in place.
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