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Editorial Policy

Editorial Policy

Editorial Policy

  • This report presents Mazda's CSR initiatives in the six areas — Environmental Protection, Social Contributions, Respect for People, Customer Satisfaction, Compliance and Information Disclosure — primarily regarding the targets and results of these initiatives.
  • As for the three key themes, i.e., Environmental Protection, Social Contributions, and Respect for People, Mazda's initiatives are reported centering on its corporate attitude and approaches in the Feature Story pages and CLOSE UP sections.
  • Aiming to satisfy the needs of readers, Mazda determined the editorial policy and content of this report in reference to the third party opinion and stakeholders' ideas and views obtained through the questionnaire survey and engagements with stakeholders.

Report Coverage

Organizations Covered

Mazda Motor Corporation, its domestic (Japanese) Group companies, and selected overseas Group companies are covered in this report.

Period Covered

The report primarily covers the period from April 2012 through March 2013, although some activities after April 2013 are included.

Scope of the Report

Social, environmental, and economic data are included in this report.

  • *For more details about economic data, see Mazda Global Website Investor Relations & Annual Report.

Referenced Guidelines

  • GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines Version 3.1
  • Ministry of the Environment's Environmental Reporting Guidelines (2012 Edition)
  • Ministry of the Environment's Environmental Accounting Guidelines (2005 Edition)
  • ISO 26000

Table of comparisons for GRI Guidelines and ISO 26000 can be viewed on the website.

Date of Publication

Japanese version: August 2013
(The previous report was published in August 2012; the next report will be published in the summer of 2014).

English version: September 2013
(The previous report was published in September 2012; the next report will be published in autumn 2014).

  • *The 2013 digest version (PDF / E-book/ Booklet) will be published in October 2013.

Approach to Reporting Information

Mazda discloses information in the following formats.


This report includes future projections for Mazda Motor Corporation and its Group companies' performance based on plans, forecasts, management plans, and strategies at the time of publication, in addition to actual past and present facts. Such forward-looking statements are predictions based on information or assumptions available at the time of edit, and may differ from future operational results due to changes in circumstances.

Contact Information

Issuing Department: CSR & Environment Department, Mazda Motor Corporation

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