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Meeting Our Responsibilities to an Ever-Changing Society and Growing Together With Our Stakeholders

Masamichi Kogai
Representative Director, President and CEO
Mazda Motor Corporation

Special Feature: Overview of Environmental Initiatives

Long-Term Vision for Technology Development "Sustainable Zoom-Zoom"

Special Feature: Overview of Environmental Initiatives

Aqua-Tech Painting TechnologySignificantly Reduces VOC and CO2 Emissions

Special Feature: Overview of Social Contribution Initiatives

Encouraging Volunteer Activities for Individual Growth and Social Development

CSR Initiatives

Mazda's basic approach to CSR and initiatives with customers, suppliers, shareholders, investors and employees.

Environmental Initiatives

Mazda views environmental protection as an urgent issue for humanity, and the highest priority issue facing automakers.

Safety Initiatives

Mazda's aim is to achieve a safe and accident-free automotive society form the three viewpoints of vehicles, people, and roads and infrastructure.

Social Contribution Initiatives

Mazda is fulfilling its responsibilities as a good corporate citizen through ongoing involvement in society beneficial activities tailored to the needs of local communities.

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