Q1. Can the app only be used on an iPhone®?
A1. Yes, the app is designed exclusively for use on the iPhone® and it is not available for Android, iPod touch® or iPad®.
Q2. Where can I download the app?
A2. You can download the app from the App Store℠ for free.
Q3. What is the size of saved images with effects?
A3. The image will be 852 x 320 pixels.
They are saved at a size designed for viewing with a smart phone.
Q4. Can I select a photo from my album?
A4. Yes, you can select photos from your album and use the effects function on them.
Q5. What is exposure?
A5. Exposure indicates the brightness/darkness of the image.
In the exposure setting, double tap the dark area of the screen to brighten it or double tap the bright area to darken it.
Q6. What is ISO sensitivity?
A6. The ISO number shows the amount of light the camera can detect.
A larger number means that you can take a bright photo even in a dark place.
Q7. What is WB (white balance)?
A7. White balance is the function for reproducing optimum white color in the picture under any light condition.
You can decide the white balance by yourself at your preferred tone of the light by using the lock button.
Q8. I would like to have more angle guide.
A8. We will continue to expand the angle guide focusing on new car models.



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