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By placing great importance on management strategy to strengthen the brand in world markets, Mazda has established itself ahead of other Japanese carmakers as a leading brand on the world stage. In order to communicate Mazda's unique value globally, Mazda established "World Wide Brand Positioning" (WWBP) in April 1998. Then, in February 1999, Mazda began fundamental development of the WWBP as the brand strategy, at the same time developing the current Mazda symbol and logo. All of Mazda's corporate activities are advancing in line with the WWBP, and Mazda's symbol and logo are prominently placed to catch the customers' eye. Through these initiatives, Mazda aims to establish a single, unique brand image throughout the world's markets. We will try to introduce Mazda's brand activities below.

Brand mark
Brand mark
Mazda's Brand Strategy

There are similar products throughout the automotive industry. Mazda considers it vitally important to strengthen its emotional bonds with consumers in order that they choose a Mazda car from among all the similar competitors. In order to create an excellent brand image through strong emotional ties with consumers, Mazda did not initially concentrate on brand strategy schemes, but rather sought to define a brand DNA.

Target Customers
Mazda's target customers are “Those individuals who stay young, have a good capability to express themselves, are always passionate and are self-confident in their choices.”

Mazda's Brand DNA
Mazda's brand DNA is divided into two concepts of “Personality” and “Product.” In order to gain pathos from the target customers, Mazda tried to create an image where “Personality” is defined as “Stylish,” “Insightful” and “Spirited,” and to guide Mazda’s craftsmanship, “Product” is defined as “Distinctive Design,” “Intuiitive Fuction” and “Responsive Drive”

The Creation of Zoom-Zoom
Mazda introduced the new brand message, “Zoom-Zoom” (the love of motion experienced as a child) as a plain and simple expression of what Mazda stands for. It is being developed in the key markets worldwide. Based on this concept, the cars that Mazda produces are also imbued with the Zoom-Zoom spirit.

World Wide Brand Positioning(WWBP)Zoom-Zoom=To offer creative and innovative "Exhilarating driving&to those people who still hold dear the love of motion Experienced as a childPersonality *Stylish *Insightful *SpiritedProduct *Distinctive Design *Exceptional Functionality *Responsive Handling and Driving Performance

Implementation of The Brand Strategy

Mazda's brand strategy as defined by the WWBP, is what drives forward all of its activities, including products, events, publicity and relationships with dealers.

Ever since the launch of the first-generation Mazda6/Atenza in 2002, Mazda has been spreading our "Zoom-Zoom" brand message around the world. As a result, the Mazda brand has gained strong global recognition. The Mazda6/Atenza has won numerous awards in over 27 countries, and the Mazda2/Demio was named 2008 World Car of the Year.

In order to further strengthen the individuality and presence of the brand among consumers, Mazda developed a "Global Visual Identity" in 2008. It was introduced as the start of a new initiative to deepen and refine the Zoom-Zoom message. The Global Visual Identity heralded a new expression in design which appears to be moving even when standing still. We are working hard to present a single unified brand image that is consistent throughout international motor shows, both in Japan and overseas, at dealerships worldwide, on our global websites, and in the lobby at company headquarters in Hiroshima.

Company Headquarters Lobby

Company Headquarters Lobby

Company Headquarters Lobby

2009 Tokyo Motor Show
2010 Beijing Motor Show
2011 Geneva Motor Show

Through these efforts, Mazda is working every day to build strong emotional bonds with potential customers wherever they come in contact with Mazda's products.
In the future we hope you will feel Mazda's brand presence wherever you may experience it.

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