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  • Production of the Mazda2 begins in Europe.
  • Mazda holds a ceremony to mark first production of Mazda6 at FAW Car Company in China.
  • Begins production of RENESIS rotary engine.
  • Starts production of Mazda RX-8.
  • Mazda develops aluminum joining technology using friction heat.
  • Mazda develops impact-absorbing hood.
  • Releases all-new Mazda RX-8.
  • Mazda's RENESIS wins International Engine of the Year 2003.
  • Mazda and Isuzu agree on OEM supply of Isuzu small truck.
  • Hisakazu Imaki appointed President and CEO.
  • Mazda completes takeover of Austrian distribution network.
  • Releases remodeled Mazda AZ-Wagon.
  • Mazda, Ford Announce US$500 million investment in AAT in Thailand.
  • Unveils Mazda Ibuki concept and Hydrogen Rotary Engine at 2003 Tokyo Motor Show.
  • Unveils the 'Mazda Axela'.
  • Mazda RX-8 wins 2004 “RJC Car of The Year”.
  • RENESIS rotary engine named RJC Technology of The Year.
  • Mazda6 named 2004 Car of The Year in China.
  • Mazda's Three Layer Wet Paint System receives JSPMI prize.
  • Mazda RX-8 wins Wheels Car of the Year in Australia.
  • Mazda3 wins Canadian Car of The Year for 2004.
  • Starts sales of micros in all dealership networks and expands cross-channel offerings of registered vehicles.
  • Mazda invests nearly 14 billion yen in new MDI-Ⅱ.
  • Finishes production in Hiroshima Plant (F Plant) to strengthen its production system.
  • Commences operations at retooled Ujina Plant No. 2.
  • Mazda's RENESIS wins category 2.5-3.0 liter of International Engine of The Year for second year running.
  • Mazda introduces all new ‘Titan’ truck series in Japan.
  • Mazda, Ford celebrate 25-year partnership.
  • Introduces the new compact 'Mazda Verisa' in Japan.
  • Changan Ford signs investment agreement in Nanjing.
  • Unveils All-new space wagon Mazda5 at 2004 Paris Motor Show.
  • Transfers all shares in Mazda Car Rental Corporation.
  • Mazda launches Mazda6 MPS and Mazda5.
  • Fully redesigns Carol micro-mini.
  • The all-new Premacy/Mazda5 exhibited at the 38th Tokyo Motor Show.
  • Mazda Hydrogen Rotary RX-8 gets permission to test on public roads.
  • Mazda Verisa wins one of the special awards, the 2004-2005 Best Value Award, by the Car of the Year Japan.
  • Mazda's Three Layer Wet Paint technologies won the Minister of Environment Award 2003 for Prevention of Global Warming.
  • Establishes Mazda Motor de Mexico to form official sales network.
  • Newly develops 2.3L direct injection turbo engine to be mounted on the Mazdaspeed Atenza.
  • Ujina Plant No.1 fire.




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