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2000 Corporate History 2000 Product History
01 ·Cumulative Production of the MPV Reached 500,000 Units. 01 ·Releases All-New "Tribute" at LA Auto Show.
03 ·Adopts uniforms made of fabric recycled from plastic bottles.    
    04 ·Participates in the joint project of the test run of fuel cell vehicles.
06 ·Mazda headquarters and Hiroshima plant acquire environmental ISO 14001 certification.
·Establishes "Mazda Telematics Center".
06 ·Introduces New Titan in Japan.
·Introduces a Compressed Natural Gas-Fueled Version of the Demio in Japan.
07 ·Embarks on New Internet Marketing Activities to Strengthen Bonds with Customers. 07 ·Roadster is recognized in Guinness World Book of Records.
09 ·Introduces MDI Ⅲ.    
    10 ·Introduces brand new Titan Dash.
11 ·Announces mid-term plan "Millennium Plan". 11 ·Introduces brand new Tribute.

·Introduces CNG-Powered Titan.


2001 Corporate History 2001 Product History
02 ·Introduces the 'build-to-order' system for Roadster and Familia S-Wagon.

·Takes control of distribution in France.
02 ·Develops a new fuel cell electric vehicle, Premacy FC-EV. Test run on the public road first in Japan.
·Holds a roadshow in Frankfurt (MRE).
·Mazda Reveals 'MX SPORT TOURER' at Geneva Motor Show.
03 ·Introduces the Early Retirement Special Program.    
04 ·Holds "Mazda Mirai" event in Hiroshima Headquarters. 04 ·Offers CNG-Powered Titan Dash.
05 ·Continues OEM procurement from Suzuki for micro-mini vehicles.    
06 ·Cumulative production of transmissions manufactured at Mazda Hofu Plant reaches 20 million units.    
07 ·Takes control of distribution in the UK.    
09 ·Takes control of distribution in Switzerland.
·Ujina No.2 Plant is closed.
·Signs on the Labor-Management Joint Declaration.
    10 ·Launches Active "Field Break" Series for 4 Models.
·Exhibits 'Atenza' and 'RX-8' at 35th Tokyo Motor Show.
    12 ·Develops high-strength plastic technology for new module carriers.


2002 Corporate History 2002 Product History
01 ·Completes Nakasatsunai Proving Ground in Hokkaido.
·Cumulative production volume at Hofu Plant reaches 5 million units.
01 ·Commences production of MZR engines.
·Mazda Showcases "Mazda6" Sedan at North American International Auto Show.


02 ·Introduces Mazda Spiano.
03 ·Opens company day-care center. 03 ·Mazda MX Sport Runabout Small Car Concept Unveiled at Geneva Show.
·Final Limited Edition of Mazda RX-7 'Spirit R' Unleashed.
04 ·Introduces new brand message 'Zoom-Zoom'.

·Introduces personnel development program (LM21).
·Enhances sales network in middle and Eastern Europe.
05 ·Takes new initiative to enhance corporate governance. 05 ·Mazda 'Atenza' Sales Off To Strong Start.
06 ·Mr. Fields steps down as the president. Lewis Booth confirmed Mazda President.    
07 ·Collaborates in celebrating 100th birthday of inventor of rotary engine, Dr. Wankel.
·Strengthens business in China.
07 ·Develops MZR1.3/1.5L next generation engines.
·Develops world's first environmentally friendly coating technology.
08 ·Decides Mazda6 (Atenza) production in China.
·Mazda sells auto leasing business to SB Auto Leasing Company.
08 ·Launches fully redesigned Mazda Demio/Mazda2.

·Mazda MPV Special Edition 'Sports F' Developed by Female Project Team.
09 ·Transfers business in subsidiary Mazda Earth Technologies Co., Ltd. to Sandvik Tamrock Japan Co., Ltd.
·Launches North America's first functional integration modules.
·New Mazda6 Sports Sedan launched at AAI.
·New Mazda Demio Doubles First Month Sales Target.
09 ·Reveals First Model Produced and Engineered
in Europe: 'Mazad2' at Paris Auto Show.
10 ·Announces plans to re-balance domestic production capacity (Re-open Ujina Plant Number 2 and close our F Plant.).
·Mazda strengthens domestic dealer network.
10 ·Mazda6 named NBR Car of the Year.
·Showcases New Technologies and Ideas at the 36th Tokyo Motor Show 2002.
    11 ·Atenza wins 2003 RJC Car of The Year.
12 ·Establishes Management Advisory Committee. 12 ·Begins public road trials of Advanced Safety Vehicle.
·Mazda Atenza Wins 23 Awards around the Globe.


2003 Corporate History 2003 Product History
01 ·Production of the Mazda2 begins in Europe.
·Mazda holds a ceremony to mark first production of Mazda6 at FAW Car Company in China.
01 ·Begins production of RENESIS rotary engine.
·Showcases 'Mazda Washu' at North American International Auto Show.



·Starts production of Mazda RX-8.
·Develops aluminum joining technology using friction heat.

    03 ·'MX Sportif' Design Concept will Debut at Geneva International Motor Show.
    04 ·Mazda develops impact-absorbing hood.
·Releases all-new Mazda RX-8.
    06 ·Mazda's RENESIS wins International Engine of the Year 2003.
07 ·Mazda and Isuzu agree on OEM supply of Isuzu small truck.    
08 ·Hisakazu Imaki appointed President and CEO.    
09 ·Mazda completes takeover of Austrian distribution network. 09 ·'Mazda Kusabi' Design Concept to Debut at Frankfurt Auto Show.
10 ·Mazda, Ford Announce US$500 million investment in AAT in Thailand. 10 ·Releases remodeled Mazda AZ-Wagon.
·Unveils Mazda Ibuki concept and Hydrogen Rotary Engine at Tokyo Motor Show.
·Introduces all-new Axela.

·Releases 'Roadster Coupe'.
    11 ·RX-8 wins 2004 "RJC Car of The Year".
RENESIS named RJC Technology of The Year.
    12 ·Mazda6 named 2004 Car of The Year in China.
·Mazda's Three Layer Wet Paint System receives JSPMI prize.


2004 Corporate History 2004 Product History
    01 ·RX-8 wins Wheels Car of the Year in Australia.

·Exhibits 'Mazda MX-Micro Sport' at North American International Auto Show.



·Mazda3 wins Canadian Car of The Year for 2004.

03 ·Starts sales of micros in all dealership networks and expands cross-channel offerings of registered vehicles.
·Mazda invests nearly 14 billion yen in new MDI-Ⅱ.
03 ·Mazda Builds Roadster Number 700,000.
04 ·Finishes production in Hiroshima Plant (F Plant) to strengthen its production system.    
05 ·Commences operations at retooled Ujina Plant No. 2. 05 ·Mazda's RENESIS wins category 2.5-3.0 liter of International Engine of The Year for second year running.
06 ·Mazda, Ford celebrate 25-year partnership. 06 ·Introduces all new 'Titan' truck series in Japan.
·Introduces the new compact 'Verisa' in Japan.
07 ·Changan Ford signs investment agreement in Nanjing.    
    08 ·Unveils All-new space wagon Mazda5 at 2004 Paris Motor Show.
09 ·Transfers all shares in Mazda Car Rental Corporation.
·Mazda RX-8 Number 100,000 Rolls Out.
09 ·Fully redesigns Carol micro-mini.
    10 ·The all-new Premacy exhibited at the Tokyo Motor Show.
·Mazda Hydrogen Rotary RX-8 gets permission to test on public road.
    11 ·Mazda's Three Layer Wet Paint technologies won the Minister of Environment Award 2003 for Prevention of Global Warmin.
12 ·Establishes Mazda Motor de Mexico to form official sales network.
·Ujina No.1 Plant fire.
12 ·Newly develops 2.3L direct injection turbo engine to be mounted on the Mazdaspeed Atenza.