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  • Mazda participates in the joint project of the test run of fuel cell vehicles.
  • Introduces New Titan in Japan.
  • Mazda headquarters and Hiroshima plant acquire environmental ISO 14001 certification.
  • Mazda Roadster is recognized in Guinness World Book of Records.
  • Mazda introduces MDI Ⅲ.
  • Mazda introduces brand new Titan Dash.
  • Announces mid-term plan "Millennium Plan".
  • Mazda introduces brand new Tribute.


  • Mazda introduces the ‘build-to-order’ system for Roadster and Familia S-Wagon.
  • Holds a roadshow "Mazda Mirai" in Yokohama (MRY).
  • Takes control of distribution in France.
  • Develops a new fuel cell electric vehicle, Premacy FC-EV. Test run on the public road first in Japan.
  • Holds a roadshow in Frankfurt (MRE).
  • Holds a roadshow in New York.
  • Introduces the Early Retirement Special Program.
  • Holds "Mazda Mirai" event in Hiroshima Headquarters.
  • Continues OEM procurement from Suzuki for micro-mini vehicles.
  • Cumulative production of transmissions manufactured at Mazda Hofu Plant reaches 20 million units.
  • Takes control of distribution in the UK.
  • Introduces "Mazda Flex Benefit".
  • Takes control of distribution in Switzerland.
  • Ujina No.2 Plant is closed.
  • Signs on the Labor-Management Joint Declaration.
  • Develops high-strength plastic technology for new module carriers.


  • Completes Nakasatsunai Proving Ground in Hokkaido.
  • Cumulative production volume at Hofu Plant reaches 5 million units.
  • Mazda commences production of MZR engines.
  • Introduces Mazda Spiano.
  • Mazda opens company day-care center.
  • Introduces new brand message ‘Zoom-Zoom.’
  • Introduces personnel development program (LM21).
  • Enhances sales network in middle and Eastern Europe.
  • Mazda takes new initiative to enhance corporate governance.
  • Launches the brand new Mazda Atenza.
  • Mr. Fields steps down as the president. Lewis Booth confirmed Mazda President.
  • Mazda collaborates in celebrating 100th birthday of inventor of rotary engine, Dr. Wankel.
  • Minimizes environmental impact with semi-dry machining process.
  • Develops MZR1.3/1.5L next generation engines.
  • Strengthens business in China.
  • Develops world’s first environmentally friendly coating technology.
  • Decides Mazda6 (Atenza) production in China.
  • Launches fully redesigned Mazda Demio/Mazda2.
  • Mazda sells auto leasing business to SB Auto Leasing Company.
  • Transfers business in subsidiary Mazda Earth Technologies Co., Ltd. to Sandvik Tamrock Japan Co., Ltd.
  • Launches North America’s first functional integration modules.
  • New Mazda6 Sports Sedan launched at AAI.
  • Announces plans to re-balance domestic production capacity. (Re-open Ujina Plant Number 2 (U2) and close our F Plant.)
  • Mazda6 named NBR Car of the Year.
  • Mazda strengthens domestic dealer network.
  • Mazda Atenza wins 2003 RJC Car of The Year.
  • Begins public road trials of Advanced Safety Vehicle.
  • Establishes Management Advisory Committee.




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