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1990 Corporate History 1990 Product History
    01 ·Introduces Proceed and MPV in Japan.
·Re-introduces Proceed in Japan.
    04 ·Introduces Cosmo.
05 ·Holds grand opening for the European R&D Representative Office (MRE) in Germany.    
    09 ·Introduces Autozam Revue (121).
12 ·Cumulative production reaches 25 million units.    


1991 Corporate History 1991 Product History
    01 ·Introduces Proceed Marvie.
    05 ·Introduces Sentia (929) in Japan.
    06 ·Introduces Presso.
·Introduces AZ-3.
·Mazda 787B No.55 wins the Le Mans 24-Hour Endurance Race claiming the first victory for a Japanese automobile and the rotary engine.
10 ·Cumulative production reaches 10 million commercial vehicles in Japan (since 1931). 10 ·Introduces Cronoss.
·Fully redesigns Scrum.
·HR-X hydrogen rotary engine concept car is shown at the 29th Tokyo Motor Show.
11 ·Establishes Anfini sales channel (formerly Mazda Auto) in Japan. 11 ·Introduces Anfini MS-6 and Anfini MS-9.
12 ·Norimasa Furuta and Yoshihiro Wada named vice chairman and president respectively. 12 ·Introduces Anfini RX-7.


1992 Corporate History 1992 Product History
    01 ·Introduces MX-6.
02 ·Full-scale production starts in Hofu No.2 Plant. 02 ·Introduces Eunos 500 (Xedos 6) in Japan.
    03 ·Introduces Anfini MS-8.
04 ·The 'Mazda Global Environmental Charter' is adopted.    
    05 ·Introduces Clef.
06 ·MMUC becomes AutoAlliance International, Inc., (AAI) an equal partnership between Mazda and Ford.    
07 ·Equolize capital contribution to Autorama with Ford.    
    10 ·Introduces AZ-1.
    11 ·Develops a pasenger car with a natural gas engine.
12 ·Norimasa Furuta named chariman.    


1993 Corporate History 1993 Product History
    01 ·Electric-powered vehicles based on the Mazda MX-5
are developed.
03 ·Formulates "Environment-Related Activity Promotion Plan (Mazda Environmental Voluntary Plan)".    
04 ·Cumulative production of Hofu-produced vehicles reaches 3 million units. 04 ·Develops mirror cycle engine.
05 ·Cumulative production in AAI in the US reaches 1 million units.    
06 ·Purchasing of new compact pick-up trucks from Ford for release in Canada and the U.S. starts.    
    09 ·Introduces Lantis (323F).
    10 ·Introduces Eunos 800 (Xedos9).
12 ·Mazda and Ford enter into a long-term strategic relationship to enhance competitive strength.    


1994 Corporate History 1994 Product History
    02 ·Mazda develops a compressed-natural-gas-powered truck.
    06 ·Fully redesigned Familia (323).
    08 ·Fully redesigned Capella (626).
    09 ·Introduces AZ-Wagon [Suzuki OEM].
·Introduces Familia Van [Nissan OEM].
11 ·Acquires the ISO 9002 certificate, first among Japanese auto makers.    
12 ·Transmission supply to Ford reaches 10 million units.    


1995 Corporate History 1995 Product History
    02 ·Introduces Proceed Levante.
04 ·Cumulative production in Japan reaches 30 million units.    
    06 ·Introduces Bongo Friendee in Japan.
    10 ·Completes Mazda ASV, an advanced safety vehicle.
11 ·Mazda and Ford jointly establish AutoAlliance (Thailand) Company Limited (AAT). 11 ·Fully redesigns Sentia.
·Fully redesigns Carol.


1996 Corporate History 1996 Product History
03 ·Introduces Ford-produced Mazda 121 into major European markets.    
04 ·Anfini dealerships renamed Mazda Anfini.
·Eunos dealerships integrated into Mazda Anfini or Mazda dealerships.
·Cumulative production of passenger cars in Japan reaches 20 million units.
05 ·Share holding ratio of Ford increased from 25% to 33.4%.    
06 ·Mazda acquires ISO 9001certification first among
Japanese automakers.
·Henry D.G. Wallace becomes president.
    08 ·Introduces Demio in Japan.
    10 ·Demio receives the " '96-'97 RJC New Car of the Year " award.
    11 ·Demio wins "Japan Car of the Year Special Award".
12 ·Launches Mazda Digital Innovation (MDI).    


1997 Corporate History 1997 Product History
02 ·Embarks on enhancement of North American operations.    
04 ·Mazda implements a new merit-based personnel system.    
06 ·Mazda inaugurates its new brand symbol, the Mazda M.    
    07 ·Eunos 800 renamed Millenia.
    08 ·Fully redesigns Capella/626 sedan and station wagon in Japan and Europe.
10 ·North American operations are streamlined. (MNAO starts).    
11 ·James E. Miller is appointed president. 11 ·Fully redesigns Mazda Capella Wagon.
12 ·Establishes Ethics Committee. 12 ·Develops the Demio FCEV, fuel-cell electric vehicle.


1998 Corporate History 1998 Product History
01 ·Changes corporate symbol.
01 ·Fully redesigns Mazda Roadster.
    02 ·Mazda establishes "Voluntary action plan for recycling promotion" .
03 ·Strengthens its drive into Europe.
·Launches MDI Phase II.
03 ·Develops New Three-way Catalyst.
·All New Mazda B-Series Pickup Truck Premieres in Thailand.
04 ·Participates in the Ford/ Daimler-Benz/ Ballard alliance to develop fuel-cell technology for future vehicles.
·Formulats Product Philosophy.
·Cumulative production in Hofu plants reaches 4 million units.
05 ·Opens a Female Employee Counseling Office.
·AAT starts production.
·Mazda Demio and Ford Festiva Mini-Wagon Exceed 200,000 Production Mark.
    06 ·Introduces the New Familia.
07 ·Autoalliance (Thailand) Begins Production For Asia-Pacific And European Markets. 07 ·Caplla Series Powered By The First Direct-Injection Diesel Engine In 2.0-Liter Class.
08 ·Mazda establishes the Mazda Motor Logistics Europe N.V. (MLE).    
09 ·Hofu Nishinoura Plant acquires ISO 14001 certification.    
    10 ·Introduces Mazda Carol, Mazda AZ-Wagon and Mazda AZ-Offroad that complies with the new micro car regulations.
12 ·AAT starts exporting pickup trucks.    


1999 Corporate History 1999 Product History
    01 ·Fully redesigns Scrum.
    03 ·Introduces the brand new Premacy.
04 ·New brand message "Get it and be moved." is launched. 04 ·Introduces Laputa.
·Develops aldehyde remover, "Life Breath".
06 ·Cumulative production at AAI reaches 2 million units.
·Mazda reaches an agreement with Mitsubishi to supply small commercial vehicles to Mitsubishi.
06 ·Fully redesigns Mazda Familia Van/Business Wagon.
·Introduces the new Bongo van and truck.
·Introduces the New MPV.
08 ·Improves female employees'job conditions.    
09 ·Entire Hofu Plant obtains environmental ISO certification.    
    10 ·Develops advanced safety vehicle MAZDA ASV-2.
11 ·Announces the development and production of new global engine family in cooperation with Ford.    
12 ·Mark Fields is appointed president.