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1920- Corporate History 1920- Product History
1920/01 ·Toyo Cork Kogyo Co., Ltd is founded in Hiroshima, Japan.    
1921/03 ·Jujiro Matsuda becomes president.
1927/09 ·Company becomes Toyo Kogyo Co., Ltd.    
1929/04 ·Manufacturing of Toyo machine tools begins.    


1930- Corporate History 1930- Product History
1930/09 ·New plant constructed in Hiroshima (Aki-gun, Fuchu-cho).
    1931/10 ·Three-wheel truck production starts.
1932 ·Begins export with 3-wheel trucks for China.    
1935/10 ·Production of rock drills and gauge blocks begins.    
1935/10 ·Caravan of three-wheeled trucks from Kagoshima to Tokyo (advertising campaign).


1940- Corporate History 1940- Product History
1945/08 ·(Atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima)(End of World War II).
·Mazda loans part of headquarters building to Hiroshima prefecture and all functions of the prefecture office are transferred there (until July '46).
1949/08 ·3-wheeled truck exports restart (India).    


1950- Corporate History 1950- Product History
1951/12 ·Jujiro Matsuda becomes chairman and Tsuneji Matsuda takes over as president.    
    1958/04 ·Introduces Romper, 4-wheel light truck.


1960- Corporate History 1960- Product History
    1960/05 ·Introduces R360 Coupe, first Mazda 2-door passenger car.
    1961/07 ·Enters into technical cooperation with NSU/ Wankel (formerly in West Germany) on rotary engine.
    1961/08 ·Introduces B-series 1500 compact pickup.
1962/01 ·Begins local assembly in South Korea.    
    1962/02 ·Introduces Carol 600, first Mazda 4-door passenger car.
1963/03 ·Cumulative production reaches 1 million vehicles.    
06 ·Begins local assembly in South Africa.    
    1963/10 ·Introduces Familia Van.
    1964/01 ·Introduces E2000.
    04 ·First generation Familia (800/1000) is introduced.
    1965/01 ·Technical cooperation begins with Perkins Services N.V. (U.K.) on diesel engines.
1965/05 ·Miyoshi Proving Ground is completed.    
    10 ·Introduces Mazda Proceed.
    1966/05 ·Introduces Mazda Bongo.
    08 ·Introduces Mazda Luce.
1966/11 ·New passenger car plant (Ujina) in Hiroshima is completed.    
1967/03 ·Full-scale export to the European market starts.    
04 ·Establishes sales company in Australia.    
    1967/05 ·Introduces Mazda Cosmo Sports (110S), Mazda's first rotary engine vehicle.
    11 ·Fully redesigns Mazda 1000/1200.
1968/07 ·Establishes sales company in Canada.    
09 ·Begins local assembly of passenger cars in Malaysia.    
1969/04 ·Begins full-scale exports of rotary engine vehicles.    
10 ·Ford, Nissan and Mazda agree to establish Japan Automatic Transmission Company (JATCO).    


1970- Corporate History 1970- Product History
1970/03 ·Familia cumulative production reaches 1 million vehicles.    
04 ·Exports to the U.S. begin.    
    1970/05 ·Capella (RX-2) is introduced.
11 ·Kouhei Matsuda becomes president.    
1971/02 ·Establishes Mazda Motor of America (MMA).
·Begins local production in Indonesia.
    1971/08 ·Introduces Mazda Titan.
    09 ·Introduces Savanna (RX-3).
12 ·Begins supplying the Courier (Proceed) to Ford.    
1972/10 ·Completes Mazda Training Center in Taibi.    
12 ·Cumulative production reaches 5 million units.    
1973/03 ·Establishes sales company in West Germany.    
10 ·Cumulative export reaches 1 million units. 1973/10 ·Fully redesigns Familia.
1974/01 ·Begins local production in the Philippines.    
    1974/02 ·Fully redesigns Capella.
1974/05 ·Completes Miyoshi Diesel Engine Plant.    
1975/01 ·Begins local production in Thailand.    
    1975/10 ·Introduces Mazda Cosmo.
    1977/01 ·Fully redesigns Familia (Original GLC/323).
    10 ·Introduces Luce Regard.
12 ·Kouhei Matsuda becomes chairman and Yoshiki Yamasaki takes over as president.    
1978/01 ·Cumulative production reaches 1 million units for rotary-engine cars.    
    1978/03 ·Introduces Savanna RX-7 (RX-7).

    10 ·Fully redesigns Capella.
1979/01 ·New company symbol is adopted.    
02 ·Cumulative exports to North America reach 1 million vehicles.    
06 ·Cumulative production reaches 10 million vehicles.    
11 ·Ford Motor Company and Mazda enter into a capital tie-up.